Verego Steering Committee Webinar – February 2019

Verego reunited leadership in corporate responsibility and responsible business as part of its Steering Committee on February 28th, 2019.  This group include over a dozen social and environmental professionals and academics, along with procurement executives from organizations like Herman Miller, Whirlpool, Meridian Group, and more.

The committee reviewed leading issues affecting international supply chains including Data Security & GDPR, Supply Chain Management, Modern Slavery, Diversity & Inclusion, Disaster Relief, and Circular Economy. The committee also discussed tools that help address these issues such as blockchain, UN SDGs, reporting tools, site validation, standards and certifications. We also looked at key takeaways from prior SRS certifications including benefits and challenges from certification case studies. 

Besides investigating key issues in responsible business and sourcing, a major topic of discussion was how services and tools differ according to maturity of buyers and impact they deliver. We heard from committee members in different industries what characteristics are most important in the services and tools they use. The figure to the right reflects committee member input and shows how Verego’s services are designed for all levels of buyer maturity and scaled for increasing impact.

Verego’s Steering Committee members were asked to evaluate six different CR platforms in terms of the required Buyer Maturity (i.e. how evolved a responsible sourcing program must be) and potential Impact (i.e. risk mitigation, bran value, validation, etc.). Above shows how those platforms mapped to these two factors, including the five services offered by Verego (indicated with the logo image).

Our next meeting will be a two-day in-person summit in September later this year at the University of Western Michigan to further the discussion on these issues and strategies for responsible business and sourcing.

Committee members share insight and network with leaders in CSR, responsible procurement, and global compliance. Our Steering Committee also helps support the continuous improvement of the world’s only comprehensive enterprise certification standard, the Verego SRS Standard. As Verego’s thank you to committee members, we offer access to Verego’s Best Practice Database with over 900 examples of management approaches across the range of responsible business issues.

If you or someone you know is looking to address corporate responsibility issues with leaders from across industries, Verego’s Global Steering Committee may provide an excellent opportunity.  Click the button below to submit a nomination to the Steering Committee or Technical Advisory Council. 

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