Client Name: Teleperformance
Description of Organization: Global leader in advanced customer care solutions and integrated business services supporting more than 170 markets in 265 languages and dialects.
Certification Status: Full Certification in all 5 AREAs of the SRS Standard
Date of Certification: December 31, 2014 (Re-Certified through December 30, 2021)
Certification Scope: Enterprise-wide Certification

Full Description:

Corporate Social Responsibility is a cornerstone of the Teleperformance culture, elevated as a global priority with measurable goals by the company’s Founder and CEO. Daniel Julien believes that “We all live in one world and being a global force of good in corporate social responsibility is an imperative at Teleperformance. This is core to our value system and culture and part of our continuous efforts over many years to make the communities where we live and work, and, the world in general, a better place for all.” In 2020 alone, Teleperformance reduced carbon emissions by 27% per employee, and is committed to achieving net-zero carbon emissions by 2040, a full decade ahead of the Paris Agreement goal. 26 separate Teleperformance operations in all world regions across the Americas, Asia Pacific, and CEMEA were included in the intensive Verego SRS audit review diligence process.


For greater detail of Teleperformance’s Certification Assessment, please click the link below to read their recent article in Business Wire. Click here to view Teleperformance’s article in Business Wire.

Client Name: arvato AG
Description of Organization: Customer support and logistical services with over 65,000 employees in 40 countries
Certification Status: Full Certification in all 5 AREAs of the SRS Standard
Date of Certification: July 1, 2014 (Re-Certified through June 30, 2020)
Certification Scope: 12 validated sites (Brasov, Cluj, & Sibiu, Romania; Clark & Eastwood, Philippines; Gutersloh & Munster, Germany; Lisbon, Portugal; Monterrey, Mexico; Szczecin, Poland; Tallinn, Estonia; & Valencia, CA, USA)

Full Description: In 2014, arvato selected Verego to assess its structured approaches to Corporate Responsibility, and ultimately achieved Full Certification in all 5 AREAs of the Verego SRS Standard at 10 of their global sites.  The Assessment Process validated existing structured approaches and also led arvato to expand the Promotion of CR in their Supply Chain and establish a new innovative habitat conservation program to offset executive air travel emissions.  Since 2014, arvato has expanded the scope of their Certification Awards to include 12 of their global sites.

arvato is a subsidiary of Bertelsmann AG, providing customer support and logistical services with more than 65,000 employees across 40 countries.  They are one of the main Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) suppliers for many of the world’s leading telecoms, airlines, and technology companies, including Microsoft.  Three years ago, Microsoft selected Verego along with other third-party certification schemes, such as ISO 14001 and SAI 8000, as options for their call center suppliers as part of Microsoft’s Responsible Sourcing Program requirements.

For greater detail of arvato’s Certification Assessment, please click the link below to read their recently published Case Study. Click here to view arvato’s Certification Case Study

Client Name:  Convergys Corporation
Description of Organization:  Customer management firm with over 150 centers in 31 countries
Certification Status:  Enterprise Level Full Certification in all 5 AREAs of the SRS Standard
Date of Certification:  October 1, 2014 (Re-Certified through September 30, 2019)
Certification Scope:  Enterprise-wide Certification

Full Description:  This year, Convergys completed an SRS Assessment to achieve Re-Certification at an Enterprise-level, applying the Certification Awards achieved in all 5 AREAs of the Verego SRS Standard to all 150 of Convergys’ global sites.  Not only were existing approaches to Corporate Responsibility validated across the organization, but Convergys also over the past two years had expanded or improved their approaches to Stakeholder Transparency, the Promotion of Social Responsibility in the Supply Chain, Human Rights, and Environment, particularly Habitat.  Through the SRS Assessment Process, it was validated that these new best practices were being implemented at an Enterprise-level.

Convergys is a leading customer management firm with over 125,000 employees at 150 sites in 31 countries. With over 30 years of experience and the capability to support over 58 languages, they are a primary BPO supplier for a range of industries, such as Technology, Health Care, and Travel.

Client Name:  Sutherland Corporation
Description of Organization: A leading global process transformation company
Certification Status:  Corporate Level Certification in 4 AREAs of the SRS Standard (Leadership, Ethics, People, and Environment)
Date of Certification:  December 7, 2015 (Re-Certified through December 7, 2019)
Certification Scope:   5 validated sites (Chennai, India; Clark, Philippines; Kingston, Jamaica; Syracuse, NY, USA; and Tarlac, Philippines)

Full Description:  In 2015, Sutherland first achieved Corporate Level Certification Awards for the 4 Verego SRS AREAs of Leadership, Ethics, People, and Environment for 5 of its global sites:  Bangalore, India; Chennai, India; Clark, Philippines; Kingston, Jamaica; Manila, Philippines; Syracuse, NY, USA; and Tarlac, Philippines.  Sutherland achieved Re-Certification for these same SRS Awards at the same sites again in 2016 extending through December, 2017.  For its 2017 assessment, Sutherland pursued and achieved Re-Certification for 5 sites (Chennai, India; Clark, Philippines; Kingston, Jamaica; Syracuse, NY, USA; and Tarlac, Philippines).  Over the multiple years of completing Verego’s assessment and validation approach, Sutherland demonstrated marked improvement in multiple sub-areas: Promotion of social responsibility in the supply chain; Employee health and safety;  Supply chain human rights; Pollution monitoring and continuous improvement; and Habitat monitoring and continuous improvement.

About Sutherland:  As a process transformation company, Sutherland rethinks and rebuilds processes for the digital age by combining the speed and insight of design thinking with the rigor and precision of process expertise. Sutherland has been helping customers, across industries from financial services to health care, achieve greater agility through transformed and automated customer experiences for over 30 years.

For greater detail of Sutherland’s Certification Assessment, please click the following links to read Sutherland’s Certification Announcement which includes the option to download a full copy of Verego and Sutherland’s Certification Case Study.