“In order to verify our suppliers operate using best practices in CR, Microsoft has implemented a Responsible Sourcing program. For the past three years, Microsoft has been working to systematically and continuously improve our strategic contact center suppliers’ sustainability, recognizing a number of certification schemes such as ISO 14001, SAI 8000, and Verego SRS. The Verego SRS Certification process adds another useful new tool to our procurement team’s risk  mitigation toolbox, reducing our auditing costs while at the same time enabling our suppliers to improve.” – Mike Simms (Microsoft) CPO


Two years ago, Microsoft launched their Responsible Sourcing Program Requirements for their largest call center suppliers. These requirements consisted of third-party certification options, such as ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, and the  Verego SRS Standard.


Some of the reasons that Microsoft suppliers have selected Verego include: 1) Many of the other certification options were developed around manufacturing processes and in many cases were not so relevant to the global service-based operations of Microsoft’s indirect suppliers; and 2) The Verego SRS Standard was also the only option to cover the full spectrum of Corporate Responsibility (e.g. Human Rights, Environment, etc.), eliminates redundancies in auditing efforts, and significantly reduced the costs of multiple certification efforts.