Your employees are your most important resource. Whether your organization is a buyer or supplier, Organizations must consider in each daily operation the alignment of social responsibility efforts in the areas of Human Rights, in parallel to your organization current strategies and mission. The development of social responsibility in the procurement of goods and services effects people in every country. An organization isn’t just about making profit for their stakeholders; an organization is connected to the global community. Its operations can impact entire cities and countries including the people that live in them. Verego’s global standard was created to help organizations realize the power and shared value of investing back into the people and employees that keep the gears turning of their complex operations. To become awarded and certified in the area of “People” aligned to the Verego Social Responsibility Standard (Verego SRS). “An organization must focus on the organizations protection of human rights as well as critical employment policies.”

  • 3.1 Labor and Employment
  • 3.2 Employee Health and Safety
  • 3.3 Supply Chain Human Rights
  • 3.4 Human Rights Monitoring and Reporting
  • 3.5 Human Rights Grievances