Materiality Assessment

With the introduction of GRI’s G4 Guidelines, any business producing GRI reports must conduct a materiality assessment, but many organizations use the assessment as a tool for risk mitigation and performance management. Determining the material issues facing your organization is at the core of GRI’s new global standard, and conducting a materiality assessment is a strategic exercise that utilizes stakeholder engagement to systematically gather insights into the social, environmental, and economic issues that have the largest potential to impact the future success of the business.

Verego’s approach to GRI G4 Materiality Assessments provides organizations a cost-effective solution to navigating the complexities of conducting a materiality assessment. Ultimately, by the end of this data-driven process, your organization will have gained internal and external credibility of their Corporate Responsibility Strategy, have met the most crucial G4 Guidelines requirements, and possess a newfound strategic clarity into implementing management approaches that align resources to create value for the business as well as generate positive impact for all relevant stakeholders.  The results of our Materiality Assessment services are used to define the content of your organization’s GRI report, as well as form the foundation of your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy.

How Verego can help:

  • Develop a materiality assessment project plan that meets the needs and budget requirements of your organization
  • Identify relevant stakeholders and possible material topics
  • Map stakeholder relationships and develop a Stakeholder engagement plan
  • Design and facilitate stakeholder engagement workshops and surveys
  • Prioritize your organization’s most material issues onto a materiality matrix based upon analyzing stakeholder and business perspectives using Verego’s Materiality Toolkit
  • Define and map the boundaries of Material Issues in the Value Chain
  • Design and improve management approaches for all material issues facing your organization
  • Determine KPI’s and long term goals for your CSR strategy