The Verego SRS Leadership principles are considered fundamental to any certification awarded to an organization; therefore, regardless of an organization seeking Verego SRS Certification or Verego Sourcing Certification, all organizations must be compliant with the sections of Leadership.

Leadership is a requirement to every awarded SRS certification, as it is the backbone to overall trust and commitment to Social Responsibility. To obtain Leadership certification, organizations must have structured approaches (policies, procedures, processes, and/or programs) established which provide overall governance of their social responsibility objectives. This includes documenting the organization’s commitment to social responsibility through its vision and/or mission statements, ensuring engagement by senior management in the review of its social responsibility objectives, and ensuring that organization models are in-place to enable the execution of its social responsibility objectives. In addition, organizations must have a structured approach established which protect its customers and enables it to communicate all social responsibility objectives to applicable stakeholders such as employees, customers, partners/suppliers, and shareholders/owners. Finally, organizations must attest that they have obtained all necessary permits, are current and compliant with these permits, and are compliant with all legal requirements spanning all modules of this standard, with no current or recent citations or outstanding fines for non-compliance.

  • 1.1 Commitment to Social Responsibility
  • 1.2 Customer Focus
  • 1.3 Stakeholder Transparency
  • 1.4 Government and Legal Compliance