Verego’s Fundamental Principles

These Principles serves as the foundation of Verego, all of its service offerings, and each of its team members. The Principles are categorized by Assessment Principles, Standard Principles, and Governing Principles. The Assessment Principles are to guide the Assessment Team to ensure consistency and reliability of all results and conclusions. The Standard Principles reflect the objectives of assessment requirements and procedures. The Governance Principles define the purpose and focus of Verego’s oversight mechanisms.


  • Integrity – Working ethically to create a solid, reliable foundation to every assessment
  • Fair Presentation – Representing all findings accurately and honestly
  • Professional Care – Demonstrating competency in the verego assessment and assessment process
  • Confidentiality – Security of information
  • Independence – Maintaining impartiality and objectivity
  • Evidence-based Approach – Conclusions based on rationale and given information


  • Materiality – Approaches are periodically reviewed and updated to remain relevant and impactful
  • Best Practice Focus – Evaluation criteria will be set to reflect leading practices
  • Balance – Assessments will take a holistic approach in topic and scope
  • Continuous Improvement – Assessment criteria and methodology will be designed to allow perpetual growth for the evaluated organization
  • Responsible Sourcing – Corporate responsibility will be addressed within the organization’s supply chain


  • Stakeholder Inclusion – Representatives of those impacted or interested by verego and its standards will be incorporated into supervisory processes
  • Impartiality – All decisions made within verego will not be compromised by any unmerited external influence