Q: What standard or requirements are we evaluating against? Is there a reference I can look at to determine where we need to be?”

A: Upon completion of your Organization Profile, the Verego Social Responsibility Standard (Verego SRS) and Verego SRS Vertical Guide becomes a for download by contacting our support team. The Verego SRS provides a comprehensive overview of the requirements set for by the standard and serves as the foundation for benchmarking organizations in all areas of social responsibility.
To gain access to the Organization Profile and download the Verego Social Responsibility Standard please contact us at info@verego.com


Q: How does the Verego SRS relate to other “CSR standards”?”

A: The Verego SRS is intended to compliment other CSR standards and guidelines. While there are many CSR standards and guidelines available to organizations, the Verego SRS is unique in that a) its scope spans Leadership, Ethics, People, Community, and Environment, and b) is done so in a very clear and actionable manner.


Q: Why does Verego need information on our suppliers and buyers?

A: To be awarded the Verego Sourcing Certification in Social Responsibility the lead organization needs to require their supplier organizations to implement a structured approach in the coming 12 months in all the CSR areas like Ethics, People, Community, and Environment or where applicable. The Sourcing Applicant will undergo quarterly online audits to track continuous improvements in 3 levels of compliance. A supplier survey is disturbed to all current suppliers to gather valuable feedback and information needed for any sourcing certification


Q: There is no listing of validation – what is the process to validate the standard? How does Verego validate suppliers conformance to the standard?

A: Verego has consultants in this space to provide online and onsite audits that validate the Verego standard. Our goal is to require sourcing organizations to include in their contract negotiations, and/or sourcing procedures the need for implementation of social responsibility requirements for a selected group or all supplier sites.


Q: Does Verego have a standard template to follow while our organization creates CSR policies that could be shared to ensure we are consistent to other polices?

A: As far as a social responsibility policy template, Verego isn’t looking for a specific format that is consistent or generic to organizations and/or industries. Verego wants to make sure the policies being created are consistent to your organization’s current policies but at the same time covers and addresses gaps in the areas and sections required from the Verego Social Responsibility Standard. Once we start an official certification process your organization will see there is plenty of back and forth conversation with your organization and a Verego consultant to identify gaps for ensuring certification.


Q: Is the Verego SRS considered a performance management standard?

A: No.  The Verego SRS is intended to provide organizations with a clear framework for developing and executing its Social Responsibility objectives. However, the Verego SRS is also intended to be used in conjunction with a performance management framework or standard, and has been designed in a modular way to achieve this intention. Recommended performance management standards that can be used in conjunction with the Verego SRS can be found on our website: www.VEREGO.com


Q: I have already adopted a leading, industry-recognized performance management standard. Should I still consider Verego SRS?

A: Yes. The Verego SRS is not a performance standard, it is a CSR standard that is intended to be used in conjunction with an organization’s existing performance management or quality assurance standards and/or processes.


Q: Does certification require an onsite audit?

A: No. Verego certification requires completion of an online application, with any follow-up occurring by phone or email. On-site audits, however, may be essential during additional Verego consulting offerings.


Q: We are a progressive organization aspiring full certification to Verego SRS, but are taking incremental steps to get there. Do we have to wait until we are fully compliant with all Verego SRS requirements to become certified?

A: Full certification is recommended in all areas but Partial certification is available to one or more of the Verego SRS Certification Areas which can be awarded as your organization seeks full certification over the lifecycle process.


Q: How long does certification take?

A: Depending on whether you are pursuing full or partial certification, once your online application is submitted, you will likely hear back from Verego regarding your application status within 1 week. Receiving formal certification after that will depend on how many items of the Verego certification require follow-up, additional information, or action on the part of the organization to close compliance gaps.


Q: Is support available during the certification process?

A: Of course! Verego account representatives are available to assist you in the completion of the online certificate assessment, and answer any questions you may have regarding the certification process.


Q: What if there are gaps identified during the certification review? Is there any consultative and/or training available for my organization?

A: Yes. Verego can provide the support your organization requires to achieve certification, whether you have a simple question, require consulting, or desire additional Verego offerings.