Ethics in business has always been an issue. Verego will help mandate your ethical conduct through the supply chain. Verego Sourcing and SRS Certification will align with your organization’s current polices, procedures and processes. Improper business conduct can result in not only legal issues but financial, social and mass negative media exposure. An organization isn’t just about making profit for their stakeholders, an organization needs to structure their operations for their employees to perform ethical business practices. Verego’s global standard was created to help organizations realize the shared value of investing time, money and resources into ethical practices.

To become certified in “Ethics” accordance to the Verego Social Responsibility Standard (Verego SRS). An organization must conduct responsible business practices when procuring goods and services through its supply chain and sourcing decisions.

  • 2.1 Anti-Corruption
  • 2.2 Conflicts of Interest
  • 2.3 Fair and Honest marketing
  • 2.4 Protection and Privacy of personal information
  • 2.5 Promotion of Social Responsibility in the Supply Chain