Electrified Detroit Auto Show

Electrified Detroit Auto Show

2013 NAIAS Electrifies

Electric Concept Cars, Drive Green Experience Steal Stage at Detroit Auto Show

In 25 years, the North American International Auto Show has a come a long way in its prowess and this year’s coveted show-stopping vehicles were socially responsible in their design and fuel efficiency. That’s right, green was the rage at this year’s Detroit Auto Show.

Names like BMW, Honda and Smart all showcased their electric concept cars, which were futuristic in styling and gasoline free. Current auto and electric vehicle leaders, such as Chevy, Ford and Nissan, have produced the latest in terms of attractive, road-ready production models but new concepts from these brands were nothing to write home about.

Tesla steals the show

Sleek fully electric, motorless 300 plus EV range Tesla roadsters were the belle of the auto ball. Though Tesla was stuffed into a small booth, like an outcast in the lunchroom, these electric stars stole the show and attracted some of the largest gatherings on the floor. Computer hackers and motor-heads pushed and shoved their way around the seven-person gull wing concept model X SUV.  Adjacent to the X were their two current production five-person model S roadsters. I felt like I was going to be serving up the popcorn for the trailer showing of “Back to the Future Four!” We expect Tesla to grow their following and continue to captivate the auto industry.

RC Cars and Boy Toy Trucks

Breaking away from the cars and diving into the truck category, the unveiling of the monstrous Ford Atlas concept truck was dwarfed by the 800-horsepower, 40 mile EV range ViA electric concept truck. ViA, a relatively no-name motor company, sat outside the entrance to the show hall, propped up on rocks and plugged into a charger. It looked as though Zeus himself parked it there. NAIAS attendees could enjoy these ViA trucks and their whispering engines at the “Drive Green Experience”. These efficient powerhouses could easily make organizations think twice about their next line of workhorse vehicles. It was refreshing to see green suppliers, such as Aisin, setting up trade show shop at the show. We hope there are more suppliers in line to adopt and support socially responsible sourcing solutions.

The electric vehicle frenzy at this year’s show made it a memorable one. We hope the automakers realize the paradox “if you build it, they will come”. And in this instance, plan and build more charging stations!

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