Whether your organization is a buyer or supplier, Verego is here to help restructure your organizations daily operations and align the social responsibility efforts in the area of Community. Our framework creates a parallel to your organizations overall strategies, vision and mission. “Community” is defined as the local area in which the organization’s primary business is conducted. An organization isn’t just about making profit for their stakeholders, an organization is apart of the global community. It’s operations can have a powerful impact on entire cities, especially the people that live in them. Verego’s global standard was created to help organizations realize the power and shared value of investing back into the communities in which they operate.

To become certified towards “Community” in accordance to the Verego Social Responsibility Standard (Verego SRS). An organization must be actively engaged in their communities, building relationships with local organizations and stakeholders, and positively impacting the quality of life within their community.

  • 4.1 Community Engagement
  • 4.2 Community Investment