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Chevy Volts connects Verego’s Digital Roots  

Digital Roots Gets Efficient with the Chevrolet Volt

Wednesday, 13 February 2013 13:23 Grant Kenney, Chevrolet VoltAge Community Manager



Disclaimer: General Motors is a client of Digital Roots
The employees of Digital Roots received quite a shock during their holiday party last December when a large curtain was pulled back and there was jolly old Santa Claus (who looked a lot like their accountant) standing next to a black 2012 Chevrolet Volt. They learned that the sleek new Volt would help the company achieve the environmental tier of their social responsibility mission and allow them to cut down on fuel consumption.

Digital Roots is a social Customer Relationship management Company (CRM), focusing on client engagements by providing exceptional service for customers online through the development of social listening technology software. Their clients involve several Fortune 500 companies in automotive, hospitality, real estate and financial industries, including the Big 3 automakers. So, why did Digital Roots choose a Chevy Volt?
Justin Gauvin is the director of Social Responsibility at Verego, a standards and consulting firm, Digital Roots’ sister company. He explained that it wasn’t an easy decision to pick the Volt when there were dozens of other vehicles available from GM and other clients. In the end, the Volt helps Digital Roots meet their environmental requirements in pursuit of the Verego Social Responsibility Standard certification by cutting down on fuel use, but not sacrificing style.

The Digital Roots Volt doesn’t look like most Volts on the road. The all-black Volt includes black 18-inch rims, blacked-out Chevrolet emblems, a blacked-out chrome strip along the side of the Volt and tinted windows. Why black? Justin explained that, while Digital Roots may work in the same industry as many other traditional companies, like the Volt, they do things their own way.

This all-black Volt currently has about 4,000 miles on the odometer with about half of those miles being driven all-electric. The employees noted they have a very strict policy when it comes to checking the Volt out to drive. This process includes the driver going over the efficiency tips in the car prior to being allowed to drive and being sure the Volt is plugged in as much as possible to help the company reduce fuel cost.
More than one employee at Digital Roots explained that the Volt made them a better and more efficient driver overall thanks to the green efficiency ball. They love the amount of cargo space in the Volt and, of course, the fuel savings.  One gentleman, named Jetson, summed things up by saying “it’s an awesome thing.”


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