SRS Certification

Become a CSR Thought Leader with Verego SRS Certification

Certification to the Verego Social Responsibility Standard provides your organization or supply chain a comprehensive framework for ensuring the effective management of corporate responsibility initiatives; including Leadership, Ethics, People, Community, and Environment.

About the Verego SRS Standard:

About the Verego SRS Certification:

Created in 2012, the Verego Social Responsibility Standard (Verego SRS) was developed in harmony with other world renown standards like the Global Reporting Initiative and the UN Global Compact by standards setting experts, experienced procurement specialists, and corporate responsibility practitioners to become the world’s only, full-scope certifiable CSR standard that can be applied to the unique operating context of nearly any organization or supply chain. While there are many other CSR rating systems, rankings, and guidance documentation for organizations to adopt, many only focus on a portion of the full scope of CSR (e.g. environment or labor rights).  

The Verego Certification is differentiated by providing a full-scope perspective and a unprecedented level of external third-party assurance to your organization or supply chain’s adoption of best practices in corporate responsibility. Based upon one universal standard, the Verego SRS, our suite of certifications can be utilized to cover all dimensions of effective CSR management within your organization or supply chain.  Certification provides an objective and independent assessment of your organization, specific business unit, site, or entire supply chain.  With a focus on CSR management systems, certification ensures social and environmental performance are managed in a responsible manner within your organization or supplier relationships.

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