Carbon Verification

What is Carbon Verification?

Carbon Verification is the process of evaluating a carbon emissions disclosure for accuracy.  Verego verifiers are trained in alignment to the global standard that defines these approaches and processes, ISO 14064-3.  Essentially, it is ensuring the the data and criteria being reported in carbon footprint statements are accurate.

What are the benefits of Carbon Verification?

Besides the higher level of accuracy in your organization’s reporting, carbon verification is recognized as best practice by third-parties when preparing statements for groups like the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP).  Verego’s verification process helps to assure your stakeholders that metrics and targets are accurate, while allowing your organization to achieve more realistic baselines and greater potential in continuous improvement when goal-setting.  Moreover, Verego often works with buyers or procurement organizations to apply this approach for supply chain emissions reporting to ensure that any risks are being appropriately disclosed.  

Who can use Carbon Verification?

If your organization has developed a carbon emissions statement or is preparing to quantify your emissions, whether internally or for suppliers, planning for a carbon verification project is the next step.  Verego offers an online platform to collect carbon emissions data but this is not required as part of our verification process.  If you’d like more information on our online platform, please visit our supplier management page or email us at

Supporting Tools and Services

Online Management Platform

Verego’s dynamic performance management system allows data to be collected from global suppliers and from corporate sites to be aggregated at the organization level. Whether specifically evaluating climate metrics or a more comprehensive approach to responsible performance, Verego’s platform has questionnaires to address a range of issues (i.e. GDPR, Diversity, Community, etc.). With data collection and audit functionality, Verego’s online platform can ensure the proper implementation of policies and the accuracy of key performance metrics. The system will automate the analytics and generation of reports to synthesize outputs for corporate or stakeholder reporting.

Clearstream Solutions

Clearstream Solutions specializes in measuring and reporting Organizational and Product GHG Carbon Emissions to the ISO 14064 standard. Offering a software based organizational and supply chain carbon auditing model, Clearstream can calculate the carbon footprint of your business, your supply chain and your products. Companies are able to identify carbon ‘hotspots’ and remove unnecessary costs. In addition,  Clearstream can manage the reporting of your carbon emissions to investors, management and staff and to external reporting platforms such as CDP.