Carbon Emissions & Procurement: Real World Strategies & Tools

On January 14th, 2020 Verego hosted a webinar to explore the topic of how and why Procurement organizations should measure and report supplier carbon emissions.  We were be joined by Clearstream Solutions, Verego’s partner in carbon reporting and verification services, as well as members of the Supply Chain team from the global carbon disclosure platform CDP, the Sustainable Procurement Leadership Council (SPLC), and the leading financial services organization, Mastercard.

During the webinar, we explored approaches for rolling out carbon and greenhouse gas reporting as part of a responsible procurement management strategy.  Building off the expertise of those organizations outlined below, your organization will gain a greater understanding of how to practically and effectively develop new or realign existing supplier requirements to global best practices.

SPLC provided insight into leading organization’s operationalizing supplier programs to include carbon reporting from real world examples.

CDP outlined their internationally-recognized role in the world of procurement emissions as the global standard for carbon disclosures.

Mastercard shared their story of participating in CDP’s supply chain program and their insight to establishing science-based targets.

Clearstream Solutions is a global partner of CDP and experts in Carbon Emissions measurement and reporting.  As for many businesses the bulk of emissions can lie in their value chains, Clearstream supports organizations to identify and measure direct and indirect emissions.  By sharing these results in alignment with globally recognized standards, like CDP, Clearstream makes understanding and transparently sharing your organization’s carbon footprint more effective and impactful.

Supported by our online carbon data collection platform, Verego’s trained auditors verify the carbon performance of your business and supply chain in accordance with the ISO14064-3 Standard.  Verego’s verification process supports companies in identifying carbon ‘hotspots’ and reducing costs in their business.  Moreover, third-party verification is best practice when disclosing carbon reports to stakeholders and groups like CDP.

For more information about this webinar or Verego’s carbon services, please visit our carbon verification page or contact

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