Vision & Values


Uniting the Global Economy to promote the Responsibility Movement


Always live your values and act with INTEGRITY in everything you do.

Always be TRANSPARENT in order to build trust and improve decision making.

Always be LEARNING and growing our collective knowledge base.

Always foster POSITIVE RELATIONSHIPS based upon awareness, compassion, empathy, and service.

Always be driving INNOVATION and finding the better way to create shared value.

Who We Are

The founders of Verego bring a unique background in innovating well-known solutions focused on operational standards, supply chain best practices, and customer experience. 



Jason Wolcott

Founder and CEO - Digital Roots

Verego’s Managing Partner designed the first piece in the creative vision for Verego’s approach. Mr. Wolcott is the Founder and CEO of Digital Roots, a well-established social CRM firm. Prior to Digital Roots and Verego, Mr. Wolcott worked at General Motors for 8 years in a number of leadership positions, including a role as Global Executive for Purchasing and Supply Chain Operations. His passion for social responsibility and day-to-day involvement in social media for large corporations lead to the creation of the Verego mission. He realized there was a missing link in the way companies approached social responsibility and what consumers expect (and discuss across the web). After five years of social media customer relationship management, Mr. Wolcott began to see patterns in the way customers interacted with their brands. Consumers were aligning around brands that had the same beliefs as them for a more responsible future.


Cliff Moore

Co-Founder and Chairman - COPC Inc.

Cliff Moore, Co-Founder and chairman of COPC Inc. and an expert in standards and certifications became the second piece to Verego's evolution. Mr. Moore has assisted hundreds of leading organizations globally in customer experience performance improvement and certification efforts. Mr. Moore was also active in the refinement of the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award criteria and served as an Examiner, Senior Examiner, and a Judge for the Award. Mr. Moore’s knowledge and expertise provided the structure for Verego’s CSR standard and certification process. Mr. Wolcott and Mr. Moore believed a comprehensive social responsibility framework had the potential to be implemented in organizations around the globe. This social responsibility standard provides shared value benefits that exceeded what any one organization can accomplish on their own.



Certification Areas:  

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