GRI G4 Reporting Guidance

Over 80% of the world’s top 100 company’s produced a GRI report last year and with the recent launch of GRI’s G4 Guidelines, all GRI reporting entities are required to change their reporting process which have left many companies unaware of how to navigate the new G4 changes. If your organization is already conducting GRI reporting or considering doing so, Verego’s on-staff GRI certified consultants are here to help.

Our GRI certified consultants are focused on supporting the complex demands of generating a GRI G4 report and have the background to ensure the project is managed successfully in order to generate a meaningful GRI G4 report in accordance to your reporting cycle.

Verego can help manage the project by:

  • Training your staff to get up to speed with the new G4 Guidelines and reporting process
  • Create a report development plan outlining the necessary steps and process required to achieve the creation of a robust report
  • Develop a stakeholder engagement plan through identifying, and prioritizing key stakeholders to engage
  • Facilitate stakeholder engagement workshops and/or surveys that foster meaningful dialogue and feedback
  • Define the material aspects and boundaries by conducting a materiality assessment for your organization
  • Design and document management approaches for each material aspect
  • Gather information regarding key performance indicators
  • Support writing the final version according to the predetermined process for creating  and publishing the final report

Our GRI Reporting Guidance service will enable your organization to seamlessly and cost-effectively adopt the new G4 Guidelines so you can begin reporting to your stakeholders and making decisions based upon “what matters, where it matters.”

To learn more about our GRI G4 Reporting Services, please contact Verego today