This Governance Overview document serves to outline the processes and groups responsible for guiding and regulating Verego, its team members, and its outputs.  The contents of this document include the Governance Principles and the description of all Verego bodies.


For each Verego body, their respective Responsibilities and Scope of Engagement are defined.  Responsibilities apply to the entire governance body, unless roles are distinguished within that particular body.  The Scope of Engagement will define the frequency and methodology for which these responsibilities are to be upheld.

Governance Structure


Additionally, in order to further align Verego to the same standard to which other organizations are assessed and certified, a Sustainability Policy and Privacy Policy are implemented throughout Verego’s operations.

Verego’s Sustainability Policy was created and is continuously developed to promote responsible Environmental behaviors and processes as well as mitigate negative ecological impacts across the key areas of Pollution, Resource Use, Climate and Habitat.

Verego’s Privacy Policy states the commitment to protect and securely manage any personal or private information, whether it is in the collection, storage, or use of any data or sensitive information.