Full SRS Certification

Achieving the Highest Recognition
for your Corporate Social Responsibility

Full certification to the Verego Social Responsibility Standard gives your organization a framework for adopting CSR best practices that form the foundation of a robust CSR strategy and drive continuous improvement.


Your organization will gain a complete understanding of what it takes to operate as a socially responsible business. Becoming a thought leader in CSR will propel your business forward into the new era of conducting business responsibly, gaining competitive advantage and generating economic value along the way.


By certifying your organization’s operations, you will be ready to measure and improve all activities that support the corporate social responsibility of your organization.


Certification to the Verego Social Responsibility Standard includes:

  • An objective and independent assessment of your current CSR management systems outlined in our IMPACT REPORT
  • Adoption of CSR best practices that drive competitive advantage and mature CSR capabilities
  • Recommendations for continuous improvements based upon real world examples of other high-performing organizations
  • Corrective action plans for addressing performance gaps and weak management systems

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